The Day I Looked A Mess...And Didn't Know It!

Many moons ago I had a male best friend.  He was my +1 to everything and I, his.  Everyone who met us thought we would make a great couple.  There was just one problem:  he and I were just not into each other.  He was like a brother from another mother...and father.  As the days turn into years since we haven't had any interactions, the "missing my friend" feelings don't give way.  There are just some heartaches and pains that you just don't get over. You just learn to live with it - redefine your new normal and try to adjust as best as you can.  That's where I am.


The Olive Garden "Never-Ending-Pasta-Bowl" commercial was just on my television.  Like with so many other things, I immediately thought of the him.  This particular time, the infamous outfit I wore when I took him to the Olive Garden to celebrate his 25th birthday.  About a year later, when it was time for his new birthday dinner, we laughed about my horrendous outfit and why he failed to let me in on looking a damn mess.  Hindsight is motherfu**er.

Jennifer Lopez was a huge sensation around the time I wore this horrendous outfit. Somewhere in my head I got the fashion-game phucked up.  I normally don't buy into fashion trends because of two reasons:  I don't have the svelte figure that you need to sometimes wear trendy clothes and I've always just loved classic lines and classic colors.  Some of my ways have carried over.

My mother has her say about a lot of the things that I buy (I'm sorta a shopaholic), but when it comes to shoes...she understands.  She always tells me the stories about the trips to Buster Browns and Stride Rite when I was a little girl.  Starting around 3 years old, we would go in the stores and I would always have to leave with three or four pairs of shoes.  While, I was never a child that threw temper-tantrums or pouted often, when shoes were involved I became another person. 

But I digress...

This is how I looked in my head; but that's not how it turned out.
I should have known my outfit was over the top and ridiculous when I walked outside to get in his car and he said, "Jenny from the Block."  I thought it was a damn compliment.  See this is how you know you are in deep denial - when a man who never makes any comments about what you have on suddenly does and it's not exactly clear as to what he is saying.  But, you couldn't tell me nothing.  I imagine that's how most people are when they think they are doing it BIG.  I had on a pair of white cargo pants that tied at the bottom, black "Manolo Blahnik-Timberland-like" boots, a blank tank top, and "Kangol-like" cargo hat with a ponytail resting to the side.  My make up was still fly - opting for warm classic tones - Orb eyeshadow, Phloof highlight, and C-Thru Lipglass.  I rolled up in Olive Garden, on Rt. 22 in Union, thinking, "This dude should be proud to be seen with me, good as I got myself looking up in here." *smiles* I'm sure he was thinking, "I'm so glad I'm not with this chick and if someone asks I can say, 'this is my best friend and she's treating me to dinner for my birthday."  Looking back, I don't even blame him.  Hell, I wish I wasn't in that restaurant with me.  I'm just grateful that we did not take a picture that night.

Now my question to my 22-year-old-self is, "The boots and the Kangol hat though?"  It might have been a decent outfit had I not done overkill:  no hat with a side ponytail or even a bun and some simple black peep toe shoes.  I learned a valuable lesson about fashion trends and overkill a year from that day... stay classic and stay away from trends.  You ARE NOT that girl that can pull of trends.

So for those of you that know me and wonder why all of my designer purses are black or most of my shoes are classic colors and not over the top, or why I only shop in specific stores, and why I don't wear a lot of accessories, I learned from experience and I'm applying it to my life.  I don't ever want to look a hot mess again...and NOT BE AWARE!

Because knowing is only half the battle....

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