I could not have been more than 8 years old the first time I saw Sparkle.  I remember the entire scene.  It was winter time, me and my cousin, Danielle, were not permitted to go outside.  My mom was cooking in the kitchen and my Aunt Michelle (Danielle's Mom) was in the living room braiding Kimberly's (Danielle's little sisters) hair with us.  Aunt Mickey was flipping through channels when she stopped at Sparkle.  Because the movie looked like a "classic" Danielle and I protested, "Let's watch cartoons."  Aunt Mickey not interested went on braiding Kim's hair.

I think because the movie begins with a church scene (and we were devout church attendees back then), we quieted down and watched the movie. 


Danielle and I were hooked.  Like, seriously hooked.  Eventually, they bought us the VHS tape.  And every weekend Danielle and I would watch Sparkle.  We took turns each weekend of who would be Sparkle and who would be Sister.  I don't think we ever even took the time to remember the other sisters name.  As time went on, we built up our stage presence living room scene.  We eventually got long gloves and faux jewelry for the music scenes. We knew the words to each song word for word, chord for chord. We knew all the choreography - those hand movements were seriously underestimated.  I would hate the weekends that I'd have to be Sister...because my songs would end at a piece of "Giving Up is Hard to Do" just before the ambulance sirens blared and Danielle would chime in with "Precious Lord" as she played beloved Sparkle.

We had lots of haters/supporters (can't really tell who is who when you're on the verge of a huge success) back then because our family would always talk about us.  They seemed to enjoy it.  But you know you can't tell a hater from a supporter when you're young and doing the damn thing. Nah mean?!
 If you're thinking that we can sing or that we have any kind of tone, then you would be absolutely WRONG!  But I digress because that has NOTHING to do with NOTHING. *smiles*

For "Look Into Your Heart", the one who played Sister that weekend would do Stix's verses. I lived for the weekends that it was my turn to be Sparkle: I'd wear a red shirt so I could be thoroughly prepared for my scene at Carnegie Hall at the end of the movie.

We probably did this entire scene weekend after weekend until we were about 10 years old.  Yes, we rode that play-scene for a long time. Well at least until we discovered Another Bad Creation.  This is why the remake means so much to me.  The idea of it takes me back to a place when my cousin and I were so close.  We had a very amazing relationship for most of our life - our experiences in this life are quite similar and we have always been able to truly empathize with eachother, even as children. 

Yesterday, my cousin Danielle reached out to me--I haven't spoken to her since April--and said, "You know we have to go see this movie together; for old times sake."

And you know what, I could not even imagine seeing it with anyone else.  I believe she and I are the only ones who understands how much we loved Irene Cara, Lonette McKee, Phillip Michael Thomas, and company in the original.

I'm looking forward to seeing the remake (and possibly a remake of our relationship).  Of all the people in this world, don't nobody know me the way she does! Nobody!

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